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Annual Reports

J.L.C. Group has been designing annual reports and corporate documents for over a decade.

We have produced annual reports for clients such as Aeroquest International, Allianz Canada, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Canada Media Fund, Clarke Inc., Green Shield Canada, Jones Heward, Ontario Media Development Corporation, Ontario Realty Corp., Responsible Gambling Council, Walkerton Clean Water Centre and Wellington Healthcare Alliance.


Responsible Gambling Council

Similar to the Responsible Gambling Council's 2011-2012 Annual Report, the 2013 Report required a very quick turnaround. The Report was designed to complement the previous year's Report with added design elements, such as highlighted quotations and a timeline of events.

Responsible Gambling Council

The Responsible Gambling Council required a very quick turnaround to design and print their 2012 Annual Report. The Report was designed to complement RGC's new Web site. J.L.C. Group created the piece using various tilted graphics and text which complemented the Web site. The full colour report was designed and printed within 10 days to meet the deadline of the annual general meeting. The Responsible Gambling Council was extremely pleased with the results.

Walkerton Clean Water Centre 2012-2013

J.L.C. Group designed the 2013 Annual Report for the Walkerton Clean Water Centre in French and English. This report was 52 pages with numerous tables and images. It was designed in landscape format with plenty of white space and the use of water imagery as a graphic element.

Ontario Media Development Corporation 2009-2010

J.L.C. designed the OMDC's 2009-2010
Annual Report and Year in Review. The Annual Report was 88 pages and bilingual while the Year in Review was 24 pages and produced in both French and English. READ MORE

Canada Media Fund 2010-2011

Canada Media Fund required an HTML and print version of their 2010-2011 Annual Report. The print version was designed to complement the Web site. It is a 136 page bilingual, perfect bound book that will be used to showcase CMF at various events.

CMF Annual Report

Aeroquest International 2009-2010

In 2009 J.L.C. produced a 52 page Annual Report for Aeroquest. The challenge was to reduce costs while producing a high quality product. J.L.C. produced the report in two colours relying on design elements to make a strong visual impact. READ MORE

Wellington Healthcare Alliance 2010

The challenge in producing Wellington Healthcare's 2010 Annual Report was to produce one piece that linked and highlighted the work of the three different hospitals that form the Wellington Healthcare Alliance. While the hospitals share a senior management team and work closely together to provide a broad range of services, they are also their own distinct entities with different vision and mission statements, staff and volunteers. In writing the report, we faced a number of challenges. READ MORE